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Jill Dahne is a totally fraudulent psychic who continues to attack the very real and always accurate number 1 psychic in the world, Michelle Whitedove. I guess when you are a nobody, a liar, etc., your only choice in life is to go after someone else who is the REAL thing.

Michelle Whitedove has done nothing but take the "high road", and Jill has no where to go but the "low road", I guess. When is enough, enough Jill Dahne, or should I say Dull Dahne????

Get over it and move on with your boring life!!!! Enough said yet???

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hey stupid, the state abbreviation OK is Oklahoma, not Ohio


Deb from Ohio Shante's town and friend get your homework done right Michelle whitedove has been stalking Jill Dahne for years On her web site that has Jill Dahne's name on it Jill Dahne's attorney has sent many letters to Michelle Whitedove & Shante Rene Powders to stop and they have looked many times to see and it's still there which was a lie to begin with I advise you and your friends meaning Michelle and her crew to ceast now with all the IPS addresses that come from Michelle and her friends writing fraudulent & slanderous posts The Ips just came in 3 days ago and guess who it was I wonder who

to Abby2013_2013 Rose, Oklahoma, United States #661956

I won't even justify your remarks JD with an answer.....get a grip JD. Also learn how to use punctuation. We both know who is suing who, and who is stalking who.


I think you should know that there are real psychics out there.

I only know of one for sure....if you would like to see for yourself, her name is Michelle Whitedove. Look her up on her website.

I have been to her appearances and had private readings from her.

She IS A REAL PYSCHIC!!! They are few and far between, but DO exist!!

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #659874

All psychics are bogus and phoney. You might as well put your money in a toilet , light the money , say a prayer and then pray as you flush.

look for you psychic answer in your john! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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