Coconut Creek, Florida

I had my first phone consultation with Jill Dahne back in 1999 after I lost my job. She was on point and accurate then as she is now.

I was told I needed to take me mom to the doctor because she had a serious problem in her stomach area. After many appointments and tests she was sent home. Jill kept insisting to keep checking. Less than a year later my mom had emergency gallbladder removal surgery.

The surgeon said it had gangrene which took years to develop. Time after time Jill is right.

I love her!!!! She is real.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Jill Dahne this is Monica you met me this past weekend at Sharon's wedding . I just posted for my sister. She wanted to say thank you and she loves and appreciates you so much.


I love you Jill Dahne!!! Keep shining your light.

You are a remarkable intuitive . I appreciate you so much. Thank you for coming to my wedding last weekend .

You did predict Josh coming into my life. I am so grateful Sharon


Jill Dahne is Amazing!!!! Everything she has predicted for me has come into fruition.

My friends in Boca & I just love her. The most down to earth person we have ever met.


I have been consulting with Jill Dahne for the past three years I just got married this past weekend she is the best we all love you Jill Dahne

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