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Oh the stories, this Jill Dahne tells. Almost every word out of her mouth is a lie.

She phones all of her mothers contacts to brag about her accomplishments, except we know the the truth; she's done NOTHING except try to claim her mom's fame! This girl is ugly from the inside out. The Love Psychic has been married 4 times. What a crock!

She thinks no one knows her history! Thrown out of school because she was so unruly. Shoplifted, thrown out of summer camp. Now she cons clients out of thousands of dollars, pretending that she needs investment money.

She is a joke, a fake cold reader and a thief. Ask her Mother what she's stolen. Jill is a poor excuse for a psychic, a daughter and a lousy human.

She preys on lonely women: when you get a reading, there is nothing of substance, just great things way out in your future. All bologna, save your cash: get a Magic 8 Ball, you'll receive clearer answers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jill Dahne Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Jill Dahne Cons: Treats her clients poorly.

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i took a reading with Jill concerning my marriage of 12 years. My husband and I were having problems and I suspected an affair but wasn't sure.

Jill assured me that my husband loved me and to make time to get the love back into our marriage. Around the same time I consulted another psychic called Marlene from Caribbean Psychics who said that my husband was dating a much younger woman and that we would divorce. Marlene told me my husband met the woman through a friend of his. I continued trying to make my marriage work and was happy doing it.

3 months later, my husband told me he wanted to separate during one of our date nights! Devastated! I am now divorced and I did find out that my husband met his current wife when she was working at his friend's office.

My husband's current wife is 30 and I just had my 50th birthday. I hope that Jill is better for you than she was for me.


Jill Dahne was to the point and very accurate with my session. I would highly recommend you to have a experience of a lifetime like I did. I can't thank her enough for her amazing gift!!!


Well you should read this website HORRID!


I had a reading, she asks for your birthdate when you book the reading. I came to her house, with her smelly dogs.

Clearly she is somewhat of an astrologer and looked my birth chart. Then she wanted to chat to see how I felt about the situation surrounding my boyfriend. She gave some information but actually she just gave me a take on what I already told her then she played like she wanted to be my friend. Told me to call her.

All fake BS never again! A waste of time and money.


I have had many readings with JIll Dahne and her mother Micki Dahne, they had both been on point and accurate. I had just gotten off the phone with JIll Dahne and her mother, she loves her daughter very much.

I saw this and Micki said that this must be Michelle Whitedove and her manager Shantee Powders slandering her daughter once again do to jealousy. Grow up you two and get a life of your own. I been watching this go on for too long now. Its getting old!

JIll Dahne is a remarkable psychic who has a superb reputation.

Not only she predicted my marriage 15 years ago, she also predicted my children as well as my new law firm. It a shame that two evil people have been trying to ruin Jill's reputation for years.


Ha HA, anyone affiliated with a law firm would not write slander and heresay on a website like this!!! And if so, you may want to look at the facts at disgusting!!

@Law Firm is laughable

Jill Dahne is Amazing !!!! Michelle Whitedove & Shante Powders You are not half of a person she is. Get a life already .

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